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Passionate about exercise science, Rahul started his journey as a physiotherapist in India. There, he assessed and treated patients with injuries and illnesses but also educated them about injury prevention by adopting safe postures throughout one’s activities of daily living. After immigrating to Canada, Rahul worked as a physiotherapist assistant and then went on to work as a physiotherapy resident.


He provided his services and expertise in long term care - in the Durham region where he helped senior clients meet their exercise needs. He further helped educate his peers and other staff members on safe, healthy habits and proper exercise postures. He strongly believes that by adopting the right and safe posture when being physically active we can not only prevent injury and fatigue but also increase productivity and efficiency. He believes that by integrating the right physical activity changes into one’s lifestyle, creates a positive loop which improves one’s confidence and morale – ultimately improving overall quality of life. 


Rahul is constantly updating his expertise by taking courses to stay in tune with the current findings and practices. He resonates with Mindful Medicine’s philosophy and believes in lifestyle prescriptions to help and prevent lifestyle diseases.

Rahul is available on Saturday mornings for private exercise coaching.

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