At Mindful Medicine we believe in building a community of like-minded individuals to help empower one another make positive lifestyle changes. Group workshops are an exciting way of learning various health-related topics, hacks and decoding myths. Mindful Medicine offers a wide range of group workshops that you may attend at our clinic (click to view upcoming workshops) or have us host at your location of choice! When hosting a workshop for a group of your choice we personalize and create modules based on your groups needs and interests.

We have previously hosted workshops for:

  • Victoria Hub

  • Toronto East York Public Library

  • Vishnu Mandir

  • Group: Empowerment and Learning from Friends

Our workshops may include:

Group Workshops

 Healthy Fruit Salad

"Let food be thy medicine" - Hipoocrates. Our registered dietitian will come and cover various nutrition topics to help your group make better nutrition choices. Our previous workshops included: Label Reading, Cooking Skills, How to Detect Hidden Sugars



With an abundant about of information on diets, exercises, healthy routines it is hard to decipher fact from fiction. Our health coach will work with your group to help build a balanced life. Our previous workshops included: Work-Life Balance, Emotional Eating, The Mind-Diet, 5-Pillars of Health

Health Coaching

Iyengar Class

Our exercise coach will help your group with creative ways to incorporate exercise into their day to day activities. Our previous workshops included: Workplace Ergonomics, Back Pain Prevention, Posture Seminars, Daily Exercises

Exercise Coaching

High School Art

With our fast-paced society, it is important to ground yourself and learn stress relieving techniques. Our yoga therapists will work with your group to revitalize themselves through group classes and workshops. Our previous workshops included: Group yoga, meditation classes, introduction to Mindfulness and Self-Care Practices, Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy, Mindful Living and Working, Music and Mindfulness

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

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