Maintain a Healthy Heart

Our heart is the hardest working muscle in our body, but it is extremely vulnerable to our lifestyle. According to Heart and Stroke Canada, heart disease affects 1.3 million Canadians. However, with healthy behaviours you can minimize or delay the onset of disease by as much as fourteen years! The most common misconception is that we aren’t in control of our bodies. In reality, our lifestyle, habits, what we eat and how we exert ourselves daily all play a role in how healthy our hearts are.


At Mindful Medicine, we give you all the right tools, knowledge and motivation to empower you.  You can take control of your body through our six-month program tailored to you, with your individual risk factors in mind. Our program consists of monthly visits with our physician, registered dietician, exercise coach and/or yoga therapist, coupled with support ranging beyond the duration of the program.

*Please note our OHIP variation of this program only consists of counseling with the physician and not a team approach, which is high recommended for risk prevention.*




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