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What is this program?

A mindful lifestyle requires balancing all aspects of your life. Your employees spend the majority of their days in your workplace environment. With the right program and health education, the productivity of your business will rise and absenteeism will decrease. We understand that no two companies are alike. To better individualize our programs and services to your employees, our team will complete an initial assessment at your company to personalize your group's needs.

Why choose us? 

Mindful Medicine is a group of allied health care professionals passionate about your employees' health and well-being. We believe in a team approach and each of us bring our own expertise to help build resilience in your employees to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.



Building Resilience and Workplace Balance

Health Coaching

Studies show that when trying to modify behaviour, individuals move through a series of stages.  Alarmingly, less than 20% of a population is prepared to take action to change at any given time. Thus, action-oriented guidance helps promote individuals longing for a change in behaviour, whether it be changes in habits, nutrition or exercise routines. Our physician will help your employees create appropriate plans, attain goals and overcome barriers.

Ergonomic Assessment

Our exercise coach will provide an
one-on-one assessment to improve employee productivity, safety and comfort. Muskoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the top reasons for benefit claims and time-off for employees. From 2003-2007 Ontatio worker's compensation approved more than 187,000 MSDs claims that resulted in lost time from work. Employers paid more than $1 billion​in both direct and indirect costs related to MSDs. In order to ensure a healthy workforce, an ergonomically correct workplace is essential.

Stress Management

Stress has many adverse effects on both mental and physical well-being. According to statistics Canada, 70% of doctor visits are stress related, 90%​of Canadian's are stressed at work and 62% of Candian's listed their jobs as their primary source of stress. Employees affected by stress will have difficulties concentrating, decision making, will be constantly fatigued, have more missed days and have lower productivity. Our physician will work with your employees to help identify their stressors and provide them with  evidence-based stress-relieving techniques to help build a resilient workforce.

Yoga Meditation & Self-Care

Our yoga therapists will provide on-site yoga and meditation sequences focusing on posture, breathing and stress-reliving techniques to increase self-care and reduce mental strain. The Gallop Healthyways Well-being Index states that even if an individual is physically healthy but all other aspects of their well-being aren't equally balanced they are 68% more liketly to miss work as opposed a well-balanced individual who is only 36% likely to miss work. It is imperative to provide a well-balanced workplace to reduce absenteeism and increase positive energy.

Exercise Coaching

Whether your employees are sitting, standing, or labour-working all day, correct postures and physical activity are mondatory for well-being. An average employee sits for 48, 360 hours over a 50 year career, equivalent to 5 years of sitting. 5 years is a long time to be inactive and sitting incorrectly! Muscle pain, specifically back pain is the leading cause of missed work days, disability claims and doctor vists. Statistics show that employers spend approx. $34,600/100 employees/year as a result of backpain. The leading causes of backpain? Incorrect posture, physical inactivty, and weight. Our exercise coach will work with your employees to provide appropriate exercises, stretches and  postures to incoportate into their working days to prevent and reduce pain as well as encourage healthier lifestyles. A healthier workforce is a happier and more productive workforce.

Nutrition Counselling

Fast and busy lives don't always allow healthy eating to be a priority. Recent studies show employees with unhealthy diets are 66% more likely to report loss in productivity than healthy eaters. We will make healthy eating fun and  simple with nutrition seminars, cooking skills workshops and educational sessions such as lunch and learns and vitrual grocery tours.



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