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Family Physician, Registered Dietician, Exercise Coach and/or Yoga Therapist

Create A Support System

Life is all about balance. Balance between nutrition, stress, sleep, physical activity and community support. With our day-to-day schedules it’s hard to maintain a steady, well-adjusted lifestyle, but with the right education and support, achieving an optimal routine is easier than you ever imagined. Our group education program offers both support and education through bi-weekly group meetings with a group of your choice, or a group of eager-to-learn individuals as yourself. Studies prove that group education results in higher motivation and accountable friendships yielding greater and sustaining lifestyle-changes. Many support groups even go on to create their own groups after group education programs! Our team will provide nutrition, health, exercise and community education. Help us help you and your group lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle to optimize your overall life satisfaction. Our group education program comes in many variations:

  • Health Education

  • Health Education + Exercise Coach

  • Health Education + Yoga Therapist

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