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Mindful Medicine is passionate about your health. We invite you to make 2018 your healthiest year yet with our 30 day challenge!


The rules are simple:


1. Start at Day 1

2. Build on each day's simple health challenge

3. Create a healthier and more mindful you!

Are you ready to join us on this journey to better health?


S.M.A.R.T Goals

Food Log

Kindness Study 

Effects of Laughter Study

Sleep Log

Day 30: It's A Journey

The Mindful Medicine team would like to thank you for joining us on #30MindfulDays, this challenge was extremely exciting for us because our Mindful Medicine team was taking on the challenge along your side. Congratulate yourself on your successes and push yourself for the days you haven't been able to complete the challenge. Wellness isn't a destination, it's a journey. So your last call-to-action? Continue your journey and continue challenging yourself!

Day 29: A Day In The Life Of You

We are often mindless while doing our day-to-day activities. Many things for us become a habit and we aren't consciously aware of our actions. The most powerful tool is realization. If you are able to track what you are doing in your day-to-day habits you will be able to see in which aspects or what habits you need to change and improve in order to take a step closer to wellness! Become mindful today.

Day 28: Go Nuts

Nuts are an excellent substitute for your unhealthy snacks, and they're delicious! They have numerous health benefits.

They're (from  healthline) :

  • A great source of nutrients

  • Filled with antioxidants

  • They can lower cholesterol and triglycerides

  • Can be beneficial for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome

  • Can reduce inflammation

  • Are high in fiber


Day 27: Get back in touch with your circadian rhythm

Improve your sleep

Your circadian rhythm defines your sleep/wake, light/dark cycle. It seems as though nowadays we might not be getting as much sleep or the quality of sleep that we used to. Why? Well, in today's society we rarely experience the cycle anymore with all the light from our technology and our homes - we don't experience darkness. No wonder we're always tired - it's always light. Exposing ourselves to direct sunlight in the morning after we wake up helps us reset this circadian cycle to help us sleep better at night! 

Day 26: Vitamin D For A Better Me

Is the sun alone enough?

Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining your bones. Sunlight helps our bodies make vitamin D, however with the winter months, sometimes sunlight is scarce. Find out your vitamin D level today and see if you need supplements! 

Day 25: Stand Straight For Better Health

We don't realize the importance of posture in our day-to-day lives. Good walking, sitting, and sleeping posture goes a long way in preventing many injuries, reducing fatigue and much more. If you'd like to learn more about proper postures with our exercise coach, please send us an inquiry! 

A few benefits of good posture from PhysioWorks: 

  • Keeps bones and joints in the correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly

  • Decreases the stress on the ligaments holding the joints of the spine together

  • Prevents fatigue because muscles are being used more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy

  • Prevents backache and muscular pain

Day 24: One Call Away

Call a friend!

There are numerous studies that show the importance of social connectedness. In our busy lives we forget to take a moment and just call a friend to reconnect or just talk about our day. Texting does not have the same effect, and in person meetings are even better! Here's a Ted Talk that may interest you. A researcher found that social connectedness leads to longer life spans!

Day 23: Avoid The Bad Kind Of Fat

Be aware of trans fats in your food

Trans fat is a major contributor to various heart diseases and obesity. Though Canada will bring in an official trans fat ban in September, before then it is important to ensure it's not sneaking on to your plate! First step? Start reading labels! 

Day 22: Mindful Eating

Unplug for a better meal

Today's call-to-action might be a little challenging: unplugging during your meals. When we are distracted by the technology around us, we are unaware and we eat mindlessly - which results in eating more than we would if we were eating mindfully. Also, interaction with your surroundings and people around you also goes a long way for mental well-being! Let us know how this went for you. 

Day 21: Track your ZZZ

Awareness helps make change

Sleep is a vital part of our well-being, but it seems to be a problem for many of us. The first step to making any changes is to become aware of the patterns. Start keeping your sleep log - the Mindful Medicine template will be up shortly! 

Day 20: Hydrate

We all know how important water is to our bodies. Throughout our busy lives we sometimes don't realize how much we neglect the basics. Today's call-to-action? Monitor your water intake. By being mindful of the about of water you're consuming, you'll be able to ensure that you are consuming enough - and eventually it'll just become a habit! 

Day 19: Grounding Yourself

A breathing technique

Today's call-to-action teaches you a powerful breathing technique - alternate nostril breathing. Here are some of its' benefits: 

  • Infuses the body with oxygen

  • Clears and releases toxins

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Calms and rejuvenates the nervous system

  • Supports clear and balanced respiratory channels

  • Fosters mental clarity and an alert mind

  • Enhances the ability to concentrate

Day 18: 50% Veggies

Gaining health a plate at a time

We all know how important vegetables are, with all the nutrients they provide! Vegetables don't have to be boring - your call-to-action today is to make 50% of your plate for each meal veggies - but maybe challenge yourself and find exciting veggie options! View the JPEG of the Canadian healthy plate guidelines! 

Day 17: Sleep For Health

Giving sleep the importance it deserves

Sleep is a crucial part of well-being. We all prioritize everything else in life over sleep - so today's call to action? Sleep half an hour early. When we are sleep deprived our minds go on over-drive - our concentration is minimized and our mind feels cluttered  (not even mentioning the physical aspects) when we're lacking sleep. With appropriate amount of sleep each night, we'll be well on our way towards better health. 

Day 16: Cut The Liquid Calories

Sugary beverages don't register in your brain

Today's call-to-action might be hard for some of us. Many of us love sugar in our coffee or our juices. Sugary beverages are everywhere we look, and sometimes we might not even realize that we are consuming them! Our brain doesn't register the liquid calories like it does the solid ones - so today, cut out all sugary beverages, save yourselves those calories! You can always replace your beverages with tea (WITH NO SUGAR!) or black coffee - but the best option is ... WATER. Let us know how this goes for you! 

Day 15: Something For Yourself

Take 15 minutes to focus on you

With our busy day-to-day lifestyle, we often forget to make time for ourselves. We're constantly wrapped up in our schedules jumping from one task to another, however taking some time to relax and doing something for yourself goes quite a way for your well-being - so today's call to action, take 15 minutes for yourself, not too hard right?

Day 14: Labels Away From A Healthier You

Learn to read labels

When we go to a grocery store, how often do we pick up the box and read the label? Even if we do, do we know exactly what to look for? The most common mistake is looking at only the amount of calories - but there are many other aspects to a label that are just as important. For example, if we compare the number of calories of an apple (52 calories) to an Oreo cookie (45 calories), the apple has more, but which is healthier for you? If labels seem daunting to you, please contact us for a label reading workshop!

Day 13: Sitting Is The New Smoking

Inactive 30 minutes - active 5 minutes

We don't realize just how much we are sitting all day - it might be at your desk at work or in front of your computer or the TV. Whatever it may be, we should allow our bodies to be active for at least 5 minutes for every 30 minutes we are inactive. Why? Sitting for many hours a day as been associated with an increased rate of certain cancers. Also, inactivity is a source of weight gain, body aches and even mental clutter. So today and onwards: set an alarm to get up and walk!

Day 12: In The Moment

A step closer to mindfulness

Meditation often is associated with sitting on the floor, crosslegged in darkness - but meditation does not have to have this stereotypical form. Meditation can be done anywhere, in many different ways: all you have to do is just be in the moment and focus. Change your mind from being full - to being mindful.

Day 11: The Power Of Laughter

Laughter has shown to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and more!

We always hear "laughter is the best therapy" but we rarely put this into practice! It is a great tool to relieve stress. By simply laughing you release endorphins that help your mood. It even helps to relax your muscles. There are also studies that show that even fake laughing releases our feel-good hormones. So, today's call-to-action - laugh away, 15 minutes, even if it's not due to a humorous situation!

Download the PDF to read a study about how laughter helped cancer patients!

Day 10: Create A Ripple

Motivation to stay motivated

Here at Mindful Medicine we are trying to create a ripple effect. We help you, you help someone else, and in turn, you'll be helping yourself. Help someone make a positive change today, and it'll have a positive impact in your own life. 

Day 9: 5 Minutes to a Healthier You

A great start to your health journey

Even 5 minutes of being physically active has positive effects on our body. It can be anything and it doesn't even have to be all at once! Maybe take the stairs today for a minute, then run on the spot for another - it doesn't matter, just get up and get active! If you're already physically active - try your own call-to-action and let us know what you chose to do!

Day 8: Kindness for Well-Being

A simple smile can go a long way

Today's call-to-action is simple: do a random act of kindness! As simple as smiling at everyone, or even paying for coffee for someone behind you in line. There are numerous studies that show that random acts of kindness really improve one's well-being.


To read one such study please download the PDF - or read a summary of two studies at this link:

Day 7: Track It To Cut It

The most powerful tool to changing your diet

Today's call-to-action might seem a little tedious but I assure you, it is the most powerful tool to improve your eating habits and become mindful about the foods you are eating. Anything you eat gets noted down -  this helps you decipher your diet and add or cut foods as needed! You can download our Mindful Medicine log!

Day 6: Deep Breathing

Learning how to breathe deep

Deep breathing has countless benefits for your health - this simple non-time-consuming practice can go a very long way!


Read this article to find out more:

Day 5: Fork Down

A simple habit that goes a long way

Have you ever noticed that when you go to a buffet, the minute you take a break from eating you're full all of a sudden? It's all about the brain-stomach connection. This is the idea behind today's call to action. By putting your fork down between bites you'll be giving your body time to process the food you're eating and eat less - and mindfully!

Day 4: Unplug For Better Sleep

Being mindful before sleeping

Did you know that the blue light from your electronics lowers your sleep hormone? Even if we do use the yellow-light function on our phones, mental activity also promotes wakefulness. We spend our entire day on technology - why don't we unplug for an hour & be in the present every day before bed?

An article by the National Sleep Foundation:

Day 3: Veggie Delite

Taking a small step towards nutritional wellness

Vegetables have numerous benefits for our health. However, we usually seem to stray away from them. Why not be adventurous and try a new vegetable?! Being healthy doesn't have to be a task, and it doesn't have to be complicated - it can be something fun and spontaneous! Let us know what veggie you tried today! 

Day 2: Being Grateful

Being grateful is amazing for well-being

When we think about wellness, we don't think about our mental wellness as often as we think of physical activity and nutrition. Being grateful releases your feel good hormones! 

Day 1: S.M.A.R.T

Setting sustainable goals

The first step to any change is making specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals. We have a tendency to set generalized goals with no idea how to get there - learn how to make resolutions and actually stick with them.

Click on the PDF to download our S.M.A.R.T Goals template!

Prepare for a Healthy 2018

Countdown & Learn the Challenge Rules

Are you ready to make a change? Join Dr. Oza as she explains the 30 day challenge and how to follow it. It's simple and everyone can join in!

Countdown to Challenge: T-3 Days

How Mindful Medicine Can Help You

A beautiful song created by our team member Aiesha Bristol, depicting how Mindful Medicine can help you, kick-starts the countdown to our #30MindfulDays Challenge. 

Are you ready for the challenge? 

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