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An excellent combination of services are available at Mindful Medicine. The dietitian provides easily understood advice and support, the exercise coach is great at explaining and demonstrating techniques and the doctor helps you understand new ways of thinking about your body and the choices you can make about caring for yourself. Look into Mindful will set you on a new path to healthy living.


Calming, comforting voice by instructor. Effective guided meditation. Kindness emitted through her smile and looked to each one of us for feedback.


In Response To: Mindful Working and Living Series

I really enjoy the sessions and find them very easy to engage with. Topics are useful for every day life and self growth.


In Response To: Mindful Working and Living Series

The time was taken to explain the causes of my issues. I value the effort taken in dealing with my specific issues. I especially liked being explained in depth the science of my conditions as well as how to improve them. Mindful Medicine provides preventative medicine using evidence-based practices. The staff are very principled, knowledgeable and use those strengths to their client's advantage.

Mike Beauchman

In Response To: Exercise Coaching

Without a doubt I would recommend these exercise classes


In Response To: Exercise Coaching

Janika the yoga teacher is very calming and sensitive to my needs. The class has a good glow and is very beneficial to my posture, positive mood and muscles and joints.


In Response To: 1-Hour Yoga

Meeting Dr Oza has been the greatest gift to my general Health. I have learned how to have a healthy lifestyle of eating without feeling shackled and deprived. From Mental to Physiological. It is so empowering to understand your food labels, and nutrition in way a baby can follow. What a gift to Health Education you are, Dr Oza, and I can’t wait to embark on another chapter of Healthy Living with you. I encourage everyone to book with Dr Oza and you’d forever changed.

Ricardo James

In Response To: Stress Management Program

Concerning Dr. Oza, Yvonne, Arshiya whom I can say made my six weeks very pleasant.


In Response To: Chronic Disease Management Program

I would highly recommend any of the services offered at this clinic

Marie Cook

In Reponse To: Stress and Chronic Disease Management Programs

Dr. Oza is redirecting my thoughts in a positive direction and self-care. PS. I like the tea offered after a long day.


In Response To: Stress Management Program

Wonderful personalized service. You can`t get better advice on your health anywhere in the city. The combination of services includes medical doctor, exercise coach, registered dietitian and yoga instructors. The yoga classes are small and the instructors are fantastic. They will tailor the classes for the students skills and experience. Incredible value!!!

Nestor Papachristos

In Response To: OHIP Counselling and Exercise Coaching

I have always had immense difficulties dealing with stresses and being easily stressed. But with the tools and skills I have acquired through Dr Oza’s impeccable guidance and teachings, I feel I am with a mental thermostat which I can shut down and turn on according to the stresses I am confronted by. The best part about her sessions, is that she makes it simple and easy to grasp so then you are able to utilize what you have learned right away. This is also covered by OHIP so then financial stresses are already at zero when you start. I am so grateful for Mindful Medicine, you should definitely try it!!!

Eroy J

In Response To: OHP Stress Counselling

Yoga, Dr. Oza & team are excellent! 5 star plus :)

Lola Eastman

In Response to: 1.5 Hour Yoga + Meditation & Lifestyle Management Counseling

** a hidden gem**

After frequenting many yoga studios in both Vancouver, and Toronto over the years, I've developed a sense as to what I look for in a calm, relaxing, and welcoming studio. The Yoga classes at Mindful Medicine are without a doubt the best I've had the pleasure of attending. I was welcomed into the studio by not only Janika (the yoga instructor), but also Dr. Oza herself. With being out of yoga for a couple of years I'll be honest I was a little nervous - which was completely not necessary!! Janika is a rock star. Her voice was calming, she was extremely informative, and her ability to connect with me was brilliant! The class was about an hour in length with a mixture of breathing, mental, and intermediate physical strengthening exercises. Perfect for just about anyone!!

I without a doubt left relaxed and excited for my next class!

Mandy McD

In response to: 1-Hour Yoga Session

I recently had the good fortune to attend a personal diabetes education and nutrition session at Mindful Medicine. My one-on-one session was coordinated quickly by the staff to ensure that the remainder of my pregnancy was as health as possible and decrease the anxiety I was feeling.


Yvonne took the time to understand my lifestyle, food preferences/allergies and how to successfully incorporate healthy eating into my daily routine. She was extremely knowledgeable, patient and supportive. Most importantly, she helped provide me with the building blocks to a much healthier lifestyle for myself and my new baby. Without the help of Yvonne, I would have been overwhelmed, stressed and not understand the ease with which healthy lifestyle choices can be added to one's day-to-day lifestyle.


I would highly recommend Mindful Medicine to anyone looking to make a positive investment in their health and overall lifestyle. Fantastic centre and fantastic staff. I am looking forward to attending more education sessions as well as workout classes that are available.

Katherine Karkasis

In response to: Private Nutrition Counseling

Dr. Oza comes with three decades of experience as a Family Physician in the United Kingdom and in Canada. Her current practice on "Mindful Medicine" clearly emphasizes the importance of preventative care and looking at a persons' whole when approaching health care and maintenance. Regular attendance and use of techniques taught by the team here will definitely inspire one to lead a healthier life style.


In response to: OHIP-Covered Lifestyle Counseling

I learned so much!! I thought I knew a lot already WRONG! lol Thanks so much for the great information :).

Jacqueline Reeves

In response to: Grocery Tours

They look at some of the root causes of chronic disease instead of just treating symptoms with medications (which most medications do not really work anyway). Diet and nutrition and very important.

Tom L

In reponse to: Workshop | 4- Weeks To A Better Life

Welcoming and relaxing environment, very helpful and kind people (knowledgeable too). I have learnt a lot about diabetes and nutrition, I am able to make healthier food choices (label reading). Also, I have learnt about the importance of physical activity and exercise. I feel much healthier and more energetic. Improved my physical condition and stamina. My mood has changed as well. Thank you very much for changing my lifestyle in a positive way.

Panagiota Patoulias

In reponse to: OHIP-Covered Chronic Disease Management Program

Mindful Medicine is a wonderful place full of great information and wonderful teaching techniques. The staff are learning right along with you which makes it a very interactive and inclusive environment.


In reponse to: Workshop | 4- Weeks To A Better Life

I will thank you so much for this free workshop. It really helped me a lot yesterday. You have no idea how yesterday's workshop brought an impact to me as a person. More power and hope you'll have more workshops in the future

Riza San Pedro

In reponse to: Workshop | 4- Weeks To A Better Life

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