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Family Physician

Overcome Your Barriers

We have access to worlds of information at the tip of our fingers. With a single click Dr. Google can provide us with diagnoses, strategies of change and healthy lifestyle plans. But even with access to all this information, why are we still struggling to implement changes? It’s not a lack in knowledge but an inability to change our mindset. Studies show that when trying to modify behaviour, individuals move through a series of stages. At each successive stage, different principles and processes work best to reduce resistance, facilitate progress and prevent relapse. Alarmingly, less than 20% of a population is prepared to take action to change at any given time. Thus, action-oriented guidance helps promote individuals longing for a change in behaviour, whether it be changes in habits, nutrition or exercise routines. Our physician Dr. Oza will help create change through education, support, and providing the right tools to achieve your desired behavioural goals.


Some more specific areas of counseling are:

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