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What are your food habits?

In the last blog we talked about keeping a health journal. I hope this exercise has been useful for you. What areas of your life did you uncover as being out of balance?





Physical activity

These are the areas we will focus on, one at a time.

To start, here is a tip on nutrition:

Start keeping a food journal, either on paper or through a phone app. Everything you eat and drink all day, as well as the quantity, must be documented. What time did you eat or drink? What was the reason why you ate or drank?

Keeping a food journal will help you uncover the reasons behind your eating patterns. Did you eat out of habit? Was it hunger? Were you eating mindlessly while, for example, watching TV?

The food journal will bring awareness and clarity to your present food habits.

Do this 3 days a week and 1 day at the weekend.

Review your journal at the end of each week.

I am sure this practice will help you recognize changes you can make to improve your diet.

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