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Let's Start a Movement!

This has been a difficult year for all of us and what I am going to challenge you with may also be difficult, but I also know that movement is important for each and every one of us, for both our physical and mental health.

The Canadian society of exercise physiology (CSEP) has come out with new guidelines for movement for Canadians for 2020.Using these guidelines I would like to challenge you all to add more movement into your daily life.

What I have learnt as a Lifestyle medicine physician is that we need one or all of the followings things to get us to commit to change.

1. Motivation-why should I do this? I remind myself daily why I need to get out there and walk or run every morning even when I don’t feel like it. Find your “why” to help you. I will share mine and you are welcome to share yours . Mine is I want to travel (once COVID is over and it will be) and hike in as many places in the world as I can and that requires me to stay active now.

2. Accountability-When we commit to a friend, family member or colleague that we will stay active together, we are more likely to do it, as its human nature not to let people down. Find yourself a “daily movement” companion.

3. Make it fun-It’s hard to do something when it’s not fun. Find an activity that you enjoy and will stick with. Movement does not mean we all have to be marathon runners or triathletes, it could mean something as simple as dancing at home with your kids. It could mean jumping rope (something I found I really enjoyed as a child and wanted to reincorporate into my fun activities).

So my challenge to you as fall is here and living in Canada means winter is around the corner and as COVID is not leaving us in 2020, what creative movement can you add daily into your life?

Let’s start a movement (pun intended). I would like you to post below and share with everyone (that’s another way to stay accountable!).


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