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Doctors Knowledge of Nutrition

I recently came across a CBC article (linked below) about an interview with Dr. Brian Goldman regarding how well equipped doctors are to deal with nutrition and obesity related health concerns. According to the article, medical schools aren't teaching enough about nutrition and obesity, resulting in doctors falling back on misconceptions about weight loss. In the end, the article suggests that Registered Dieticians and Health Coaches are really the ones to ask about nutrition and obesity.

I completely agree with him!

This is why I have stepped away from regular family medicine and have narrowed my focus of practice to deal with 'whole person care.' I have come to realize that there are many factors that contribute to the obesity epidemic, such as psychological stress and hormonal factors. I have increased my knowledge about nutrition by attending multiple courses, both in person and online. At present, I am also in training to be a Health Coach so that I can effectively guide my patients in whole person care and in achieving their health goals. After these trainings and years of doing my own research, I feel that I am more equipped than I was as a family doctor to address the health concerns of my patients.

Take a look at the article!

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